The Decision Board of Kutiyana Memon Association form its establishment till today is trying to resolve the domestic and even the present Decision Board’s officials and members kept continuing in the same efforts day and night (round the clock) continuously. It is included in the affairs of the Decision Board to resolve the domestic disputes. The Chairman of this Committee is Mr. Haji Muhammad Ashraf Bandhani.
About domestic problems and disputes arising in the community, by keeping the tradition of the senior citizens/elders of the community, the members of present Decision Board is even today, by utilizing their resources, are working to resolve as soon as possible the domestic disputes with tireless hard work and search. All the individuals of the community are requested to get their domestic disputes resolved by the Decision Board which is running under the auspicious of the institution of community that is Kutiyana Memon Association.In this connection best services will be provided by the institution. For any information or inquiry about other individuals giving divorce, the members of the Decision Board are ready for full information and cooperation.
It can be better and usefull/beneficial for you to get information upon coming of the matrimonial/proposal of the divorced individuals.Efforts are being made resove the remaining diputes.