Grave Yard Committee

The Mawach Goth Graveyard of Kutiyana Memon Association has an area of four and half acres. The Govt. of Sindh had allotted this place for graveyard.The mosque and place of ablution of this graveyard has been constructed by Mr. Abdul Razzaq Germany. All boundary wall of Mawach Goth Grarveyard of KMA has been constructed in the supervision of Haji Abdul Sattar Muhammad Wadasadawala (Hingora).Last year here also was the well drilling, facility of light has been provided and cleaning work has been done.
     Now a days in Mewa Shah Graveyard Rupees eight thousand to ten thousands are being charged for the graves.But KMA is providing better burial facility in Mawach Goth.There is bad situation in Mewa Shah Graveyard. There is no space in between the graves but the grave diggers are selling the place by making graves on the grave. Desecration of graves occurs due the lack of space in between the graves. The Chairman of Graveyard Committee Mr.Abdul Basit Mengrani has rendered excellent services; specially the members of this committee are also praiseworthy. All the affairs of the Kutiyana Memon Association in which the days of joy and sorrow are included; this institution communityis engaged all the time for the service of community. Therefore, in this hour of grief the affairs of death and deceased are included. In this connection to ensure the funeral and burial proces, and the effort is made to ensure the providing of grave goods and bus. Whereas there is excellent management of the space in Mawach Goth and Safoora Goth graveyard.Since a long time there is no space available in Mewa Shah Graveyard. Therefore, in order to complete the burial process in a good way, the community is appealed to turn towards Mawach Goth and Safoora Goth.